The e-SCM Supplier Portal
Meet the challenge of high quality outsourced production.

For the textile industries and the fashion business in general, the launching of each new season presents a fresh industrial and commercial challenge.

Everyone in the company focuses on one objective : supplying the different distribution channels according to their contractual commitments

Therefore to optimize cost and ensure on-time delivery, supply chains have to be more reactive and more efficiently controlled.

The challenge is to be capable of meeting the specific requirements of each client even when orders have already been placed with the suppliers or when distance limits the possibility of adjusting the production.

The e-SCM portal allows companies to handle supply for a great many fields of production (men’s, women’s and children’s apparel, leather goods, luggage, glassware, jewelry, table decoration, home decoration and furnishings, … )


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Comment Eden Park supervise l’approvisionnement en matières premières de ses fournisseurs ?

Comme toutes les Marques qui souhaitent faire progresser leur image avec la valeur de leur produit, la traçabilité de la Matière Première devient une nécessité pour garantir le composition des produits finis.
Ce Webinar définit l’organisation adéquate pour suivre les flux inter-fournisseurs et les impacts dans la relation avec les fournisseurs.

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Le Portail Fournisseurs, élément clef du SCEM

Le portail Fournisseurs, élément clef du SCEM Dans l’industrie du textile, la Supply Chain est un processus complexe à organiser et à piloter car elle met en jeu plusieurs acteurs variés, sur des fuseaux horaires [...]

Advantages of an e-SCM

(Supply Chain Event Management)

  • Outsource production and commit to volume to reduce costs

  • Drive production scheduling to meet commercial demand

  • Interconnect and involve suppliers for a common gain in productivity

  • Supervise the flow between suppliers of raw material and finished product

  • Improve Q.C procedures and production milestone monitoring

  • Provide all suppliers with homogenous Box labels and Packing Lists

  • Accelerate decision-making and anticipate reception issues

  • Streamline follow-up and supplier sourcing


Portail fournisseurs - Métiers

Supervise outsourced production to meet delivery commitments


Portail fournisseurs Produits

The e-SCM Portal centralises and structures supply monitoring


Portail fournisseurs Services

The e-SCM project : Implement change and ensure supplier commitment