The e-SCM Supplier Portal : a robust and reliable solution which reflects the experience of our consultants.

About e-SCM

The Supplier Portal was created more than 20 years ago in the Basque Country

We designed this solution to meet the needs of the Surf wear Industry, structured on an economic model essentially based on outsourced production.

Right from the design stages we put in place a project methodology which would involve all parties and speed up deployment. As we gained in experience, the solution grew with us to encompass management of quality and cycle time of outsourced production, which is a recurrent and strategic need for the textile, fashion and luxury product industries.

The e-SCM Supplier Portal has become a solution which structures and innovates in the supervision of supply chains, rendering them more fluid, reactive and efficient.

Key dates for e-SCM :

2006 – Laying of the foundations of the project and creation of the brand

2009 Development of e-SCM V2 with the integration of traceability of raw materials and management of flow between suppliers.

2011 – Progression to e-SCM V3 enriched with new modules including,notably, management of a logistics platform and a decisional Data Mart.

2013 Deployment of e-SCM V4 with the accent on performance optimisation and the technical stabilisation of the solution.

2016 – Launch of e-SCM V5 marking an important turning point in the ergonomy and optimisation of the solution.

2017 – Creation of ‘e-SCM Express’, a new version for a more rapid deployment of the solution.

Road map – The dynamic for the future is strong, as shown by the new e-SCM graphic charter. ( We will detail new functional and technical advances in the Product News section.)


The e -SCM solution was designed and developed by Belharra sas, digital services company…based in the Basque Country

We accompany our clients through the digital transformation of their organisation or of their economic model.

We are specialists in the implementation of Web technologies, of GED and of Analytics Software, and have accrued our experience by working with the major labels of the textile, fashion and luxury product industries.

BELHARRA is one of the biggest waves in Europe and surfed by the best in the business. We chose this image to portray the energy, dynamism and strong commitment of our teams, working toward a common objective.

Our credo : To create a lasting relation with our clients based on their trust of our expertise, our know-how and our added value.