The e-SCM Supplier Portal : Textile software to manage outsourced production and meet order fulfillment commitments.

In the textile industry and the fashion business in general,  the difference between collection design and the TTM necessitates production launch even before sales have been finalized.

The challenge is to be capable of meeting the specific requirements of each client even when the orders have already been placed with the suppliers, or when distance limits the possibility of adjusting the production.

To aid businesses in meeting this challenge we have designed the e-SCM solution to address two of the industry’s primary concerns:

  • Outsource production and commit to volume to reduce costs
  • Personalize the supply chain in accordance with the needs of each client

The e-SCM Portal enables the harmonisation of order status reporting in order to evaluate suppliers on objective criteria and meet the ever-evolving needs of a highly selective commercial competition.

E-SCM supervision simplifies relations between suppliers and purchasers, accelerating decision-making in order to meet quality, quantity and deadline commitments.

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Comment Eden Park supervise l’approvisionnement en matières premières de ses fournisseurs ?

Comme toutes les Marques qui souhaitent faire progresser leur image avec la valeur de leur produit, la traçabilité de la Matière Première devient une nécessité pour garantir le composition des produits finis.
Ce Webinar définit l’organisation adéquate pour suivre les flux inter-fournisseurs et les impacts dans la relation avec les fournisseurs.

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Le Portail Fournisseurs, élément clef du SCEM

Le portail Fournisseurs, élément clef du SCEM Dans l’industrie du textile, la Supply Chain est un processus complexe à organiser et à piloter car elle met en jeu plusieurs acteurs variés, sur des fuseaux horaires [...]

E-SCM integration in the company

Every new season sees the renewal of three major interdependent processes in the organisation of a textile or fashion company. The e-SCM Supplier Portal facilitates the communication between each party involved and offers a cross-functional vision of activities.

Logiciel textile e-SCM


Respond to new market trends …thus increasing market share

When a new collection is being designed, Marketing reviews commercial trends in order to strengthen brand image in terms of consumer expectations. The choice of new collections together with supplier sourcing are an essential step in maintaining quality policies and streamlining purchasing.

For a more efficient sourcing, e-SCM consolidates data in order to evaluate supplier reliability.


Optimize procurement…thus increasing operating margins

Supply chains are shaped based on sales forecasts, and production plans are progressively crafted as orders are confirmed. Real-time P.O visibility means that production may be adjusted and warehouse inventory management can be synchronised with customer dispatch schedules.

e-SCM supervises production and standardizes quality monitoring with all suppliers.



Ensure on-time customer deliveries … and therefore billing

In order to maximize sales during commercial campaigns, orders are personalized and deliveries graduated to meet the specific requirements of the different distribution channels. The turnover for the season will depend upon compliance to these commitments as well as actual dispatch.

e-SCM ensures maximum quality in the products received, and brings reliability to supply planning.