New e-SCM Module to reduce costs and risks linked to quality

/New e-SCM Module to reduce costs and risks linked to quality

New e-SCM Module to reduce costs and risks linked to quality

In view of the need for better control over the quality of finished products before warehouse reception, we have developed a new functional module dedicated to the management of quality inspections.

This module, available with version 5 of e-SCM, makes it possible to set up as many as 10 inspections on finished products or on ‘raw material’ type products.

By pre-empting the risk of non conformance upon warehouse reception, litigations with suppliers can be limited.

Functional principles of the e-SCM module :

In order to keep the configuration very flexible, the wording and the nature of the inspection remain free.

Each inspection can be configured specifically using the administrative console to designate use. This can be either :

  • ‘Simplified’ to permit the input of some details regarding the results which have validated or failed the inspection
  • ‘Advanced’ – in addition to elements of input, the possibility of downloading a document reporting the results.
  • ‘Imported’ to record the inspection result via an interface with an external quality management program.

One or more quality inspections can be declared obligatory in order to change a Purchase Order status.

For example the 3 first quality inspections could be used to validate production launch, or a particular inspection could be made obligatory before allowing creation of the Packing List and the availability for shipping of the product.

Thus it is possible to configure quality inspections by context, in order to have control over the different, important steps in supply monitoring.


Patrick Bourg
Director of Operations e-SCM

Having worked for more than 20 years in consulting and the implementation of IT Services, I was instrumental in the creation of the e-SCM supplier Portal application beginning in 2002.
In the last 15 years I have accrued solid experience in the Textile and Luxury industries through my contact with the major labels in New Aquitaine Surfwear as well as with several national and international groups.
All of my energy and expertise goes into promoting the modernisation of Supply Chain Management as a means to profitability.

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