Notable improvements to e-SCM ergonomy

/Notable improvements to e-SCM ergonomy

Notable improvements to e-SCM ergonomy

To improve upon the ergonomy of e-SCM our R&D team have improved their range of development tools making screens more fluid and reactive.
The goal is to improve end user comfort, notably for mobile navigation.
AngularJS and HTML5 technologies are used more systematically and therefore behaviour of the screens gives the user the impression of using a local application with a greater comfort of use than a traditional web application.

A new display principle for screens

The implementation of the ‘AngularJS’ framework means it is not necessary to reload the HTML code for the page displayed and this way only variable data is updated. This gives much more fluidity to pages and enables much quicker refreshment of screens, as only relevant data is reloaded.
This principle is applicable whichever the media used, eg. PC Tablet or Smartphone
The advantage = each user can personalize the presentation of the main screens.
The user can not only prevent the display of certain columns, but also organize the order they are displayed in as desired. This personnalisation is possible with the principle screens of the e-SCM 5 version and will progressively become standard.

User environment : Offline  storage of parameters

In addition it is now possible to store user parameters in the local Web Storage space, available with HTML5. This way each user can more easily customize their own environment eg. number of column per page, default language, …
This means that at every time a user reconnects to the e-SCM application, they find the closest possible environment to the one they left during their previous session.
The advantage = the handling of the platform is much easier and more intuitive.


Patrick Bourg
Director of Operations e-SCM

Having worked for more than 20 years in consulting and the implementation of IT Services, I was instrumental in the creation of the e-SCM supplier Portal application beginning in 2002.
In the last 15 years I have accrued solid experience in the Textile and Luxury industries through my contact with the major labels in New Aquitaine Surfwear as well as with several national and international groups.
All of my energy and expertise goes into promoting the modernisation of Supply Chain Management as a means to profitability.

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