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Processus achat RIP CURL

Who are Rip Curl?

Rip Curl was founded in 1969 in Torquay, Australia by Doug Warbrick and Brian Singer. The brand name is directly inspired by waves and surfing : “rip the curl”
Today Rip Curl is one of the surf industry’s main labels and sponsors a great many pro surfers as well as competitions like the ‘Rip Curl Pro’

Advantages for Eden Park

  • Outsource production and commit to volume to reduce costs
  • Drive production scheduling to meet commercial demand
  • Supervise the flow between suppliers of raw material and finished product

– Improve Q.C procedures and production milestone monitoring
– Provide all suppliers with homogenous Box labels and Packing Lists
– Accelerate decision-making and anticipate reception issues


Rip Curl;
muscles up their purchasing process

The Australian board-sport specialist Rip Curl deployed the e-SCM Supplier Portal to more effectively manage Purchase orders. In less than 10 months e-SCM was deployed in all of their product divisions (Eye wear, Footwear, Wetsuit, Surfwear, Mountainwear and equipment) and in all of the 5 regions ( Australia, Europe, Asia and North and South America)

“The e-SCM Portal tightens up supply chain organisation, brings a substantial increase in productivity and provides excellent logistic and distribution scheduling capabilities, making it possible for us to offer a better customer service. It has contributed to increasing the skill of the purchasing team” states the director of Rip Curl.

e-SCM benefits

“We were interested in all the potential benefits which the e-SCM solution could offer from the very first presentation, ie. the cutting of low value manual tasks and an excellent and instantaneous visibility over the entire supply chain, meaning we could manage more stock more efficiently and offer better customer service”

For Rip Curl the batch volume for each purchase order is calculated based on client sales forecasts and the adjusted through e-SCM in consultation with the supplier as forecasts become concrete orders. Supply chain and commercial teams are constantly updated on earliest possible arrival times, which enables them to manage their resources more efficiently and keep the client in the loop etc.”

Management by exception.

For the purchaser to be able to concentrate on added value tasks, the supervision interface of his buyer’s portfolio sends out an automatic alert about potential discrepancies. This management by exception is a real advantage for Rip Curl  who deal with more than 50 000 orders per season. The purchasing, logistics and commercial departments can better focus on irregular orders ie. changes to price, quality or cycle time) to quickly identify and deal with any delivery problems to our clients.

As soon as production is completed and quality inspections validated, the supplier issues the packing list and box labels which are all homogenous whichever the supplier. Each package is identifiable by a unique reference which facilitates inspection upon reception eg. weight according to expected quantities)

Centralizing key elements

The director also highlights the collaboration with the e-SCM teams. “The project manager and the resources at our disposal were incredibly flexible and reactive. They weren’t at all just about the technical side but more business process. The consultants made sure that they and the team spoke the same language which won their trust. The implementation was facilitated by the e-SCM integration engine which interfaced with the group’s PLM and the Iris confection ERP or MC of Lawson software installed in Rip Curl entities. Furthermore the automatic retrieval of data entered by the suppliers increases the reliability of ERP data and accelerates information sharing between all parties.